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Cyber Monday Samsung deals that you should know about

Cyber Monday Samsung deals that you should know about

Samsung has been providing innovative and reliable electronics that have stood the test of time. While everyone wants to own a product by Samsung because of its quality, not everyone may be able to afford it.

However, this Cyber Monday you do not need to fret. Samsung is offering some great Cyber Monday deals. Just like the Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday is a short but fruitful event that includes some mind-blowing deals on some favorite products. You can find some of the most popular cell phones, tablets, and even televisions.

Cyber Monday is on 2nd December this year, which is the first Monday after Black Friday. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, this couldn’t get any better.

Cyber Monday Samsung deals

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
    The fabulous Samsung Galaxy S10 is an extremely popular cell phone. Since its launch in March 2019, the phone model has become popular worldwide. You can now get your hands on this smartphone. Let’s check out some predictions for this Cyber Monday.This Cyber Monday, Samsung will drop their prices on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 like never before. If you switch to AT&T, you can save around USD 700 on this smartphone with your existing number. Alternatively, you can also get a discount of up to USD 500 on a new connection with the carrier.
  • Samsung Note 10
    Another popular launch from Samsung, Note 10 is a high-performance smartphone with an impressive array of specs. It is no wonder that this is a sought-after handset. This Cyber Monday is great for Samsung Note fans with prices set to plummet.
    And if you cannot wait it out, Samsung is letting you pick its popular Note 10 for about USD 309.99 with a trade-in of an eligible handset. Moreover, you also get a free set of Samsung buds.
  • Samsung Laptop
    Samsung makes some of the finest laptops with the latest iCore processors. This Cyber Monday is the best time to catch hold of a Samsung deal and gift yourself something special.
    At present, the predictions show that the prices of Samsung laptops will be lower than Black Friday. The Notebook 9 Pro is estimated to have a USD 200 discount. Certain monitors for gaming may also have a 10% discount. The best part is that Samsung extends its deals for an entire week after the main day of sale. Also, you would be able to benefit from Samsung’s free shipping and zero-percent interest.
  • Samsung HDTV
    If you do not own a Samsung HDTV, it is about time you do. There are so many models with different features, and most of them have great offers. Cyber Monday will have one of the best discounts on these products, so be sure to check them out.
    Samsung 65-inch 4 High Dynamic Range Smart TV is estimated to be sold at about USD 477 at Walmart. This is a steal, as you are getting a 4K resolution, along with the High Dynamic Range and two HDMI ports to connect your soundbars and gaming consoles.
    Furthermore, Samsung’s 55-inch 4K Ultra High Definition Smart QLED TV will be offered at around USD 697.99 at Walmart. This supreme quality product provides a surreal picture experience.

This is a brief look at what you can expect on Cyber Monday. Do keep checking the latest updates on Cyber Monday, so that you can grab your favorite products and stock up on your favorite gadgets.