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Top cell phone carrier deals for Cyber Monday

Top cell phone carrier deals for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a shopping extravaganza that began in the year 2005 and was begun by the National Retail Federation. It started as an attempt to encourage individuals to go online and shop more and has now grown to almost rival the Black Friday sales when it comes to certain deals.

Adobe Analytics shows that this event garnered nearly $7.9 billion in the year 2018, which reflected a leap of 19.3% from the year 2017. Considering this, it understandable that serious and casual shoppers alike are excited to discover deals for Cyber Monday 2019. Slated on the 2nd of December, the top-rated cellphone carriers in the country are speculated to release some amazing deals. To help you prepare your wishlist, we have listed out the best carriers for you with their discounted Cyber Monday cell phone plans.

Verizon Wireless

Founded in 2000, Verizon is one of America’s top wireless network providers. Verizon Wireless is all geared up to offer you the best Cyber Monday deals. Here are the top choices for you:

  • Deal 1:
    Apple and Verizon have teamed up to give us some of the best available Cyber Monday cell phone plans. If you are buying two phones, you can save up to $700 on a new line as per one of the deals listed on Verizon. This deal is available for all new models including Apple iPhone® 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone® XR and iPhone® 11 Pro Max. You have many deals available for iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users too. Check out the Verizon official website to get the best and latest Apple deals.
  • Deal 2:
    Verizon has deals for Android users too. For Samsung Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 plan, you can save up to $750 on a new line while opting for the 5G connection. You need to add two phones to your purchase with monthly payment plans. One of these must be a new connection on an Unlimited plan. There are also deals on many other Android devices such as Google Pixel, LG ThinQ, and more.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk offers a wide range of plans for your cell phone with no contracts involved. In fact, with over 25 million users, it is America’s largest no-contract carrier. As of now, Straight Talk has been tight-lipped about its deals for Cyber Monday. There are many rumors as to what these discounts could be but no verification. For the time being, users have to simply stay tuned to find out what this service provider will offer as part of its Cyber Monday cell phone plans. To do so, you can go to the official Straight Talk website and sign up for alerts.


T-Mobile is one of America’s largest wireless network providers. If you are a T-Mobile user, then there are plenty of deals this holiday season to look forward to. However, these deals too have been kept tightly under wraps. The T-Mobile official website has not let out any hints as to what their Cyber Monday cell phone plans might look like but they have left a message letting users know they can check in on December 2, 2019. And, going by the great deals that T-Mobile already offers its customers, we know it is something good.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers a wide range of features to its users including 4G LTE coverage and nationwide cell coverage. It also allows users to transfer (port) their mobile number while switching carriers to Mint. This service provider also has plenty of plans to offer to both its regular customers and for people who have just signed up. Their official website has kept mum on the details of the Cyber Monday sale. While on-going three-month plan rates from this carrier are pretty sweet deals, they do give a slight hint as to what you may be able to expect on Cyber Monday.

One of the best things about Cyber Monday is that the consumer is spoilt for choice. So, keep a close eye for the cell phone plans that you wish for, and they may just be granted this Cyber Monday.